A Week Old...

we.fancy.that is officially a week old, and let me tell you, there is nothing better than sharing a "space" with your two bestest friends in the whole world, your sisters!

B. gave me this little book on her wedding day 6 years ago, and I rediscovered it this weekend as I was reorganizing our shelves/book collection.
As I flipped through it,
I was reminded of how awesome it is to have two
people who know you inside and out,
that can call you out on
anything/every thing,
who challenge you,
support you, strengthen you, inspire you, and
who love you more than life itself.
Having a sister/being a sister is one of Jesus' greatest gifts- period.

Even though we live miles apart, I love y'all with my whole heart!
Thanks for loving me and for sharing in this new journey! - J

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