Decide what to drink...

I fancy this today:

My New Keurig which will hopefully be arriving today!
I didn't have a very good day on Monday. I know, it was Valentines and everyone is supposed to be happy and feel loved, etc. I definitely feel loved, but I didn't feel happy on Monday. Being 24 weeks pregnant with a 21 month old little boy in tow doesn't exactly lend itself to many "feel great" days. If Im to be completely honest, motherhood is definitely NOT overrated, but being pregnant IS! Im not one of those women who loves being pregnant, I know...GASP...I can't believe she actually said this/wrote this out loud; but Yes its true...I don't love being pregnant. Feeling nauseous for 17 weeks, heartburn that makes you feel like you could breathe fire, achy feet and legs, restless sleep, hormone headaches, indecisiveness, forgetfulness, hunger all the time but not wanting to eat, barely being able to bend down, no alcohol, going to the bathroom every 10 minutes but only letting out minute amounts, never really feeling pretty, no alcohol, and the one that has really officially gotten me this time...NO COFFEE! Sorry for my long list of pregnancy woes, but I wanted to make sure you got my drift. I love love love being a mom and I love love love babies, but pregnancy is just a means to an end with me. Im so incredible thankful for this little man inside me and at night when I sit down and feel his kicks, all of the hard stuff just disappears. So woes and all, its completely worth it, but no one said it had to be fun or easy carrying another human being in your tummy.

So onto my fancy for the day, a Keurig! After my bad day on Monday, my hubby surprised me with a new Keurig-we don't do presents or make a big deal out of Valentines so this was a great great surprise. To say that Im obsessed with this thing would be an understatement. I think I've been talking about wanting one for 2 years now but since I haven't been able to drink coffee (sigh & tear) due to the insane nausea that accompanies it, I was hoping for it post baby #2 for my birthday in September. This thing produces the best coffee ever, its always perfect, the perfect strength, the perfect temp, the perfect taste. After enjoying a delish decaf from a friends Keurig a couple weekends ago, my hubby decided to go ahead and give the gift of the year...I haven't received it yet, it should be here today or tomorrow, but Im so excited I had to share the news today! I absolutely can't wait to enjoy my very own cup of decaf coffee and soak in the smell and dream of the day post June 10th that I will get to enjoy a cup of regular coffee from my very own Keurig! My Valentines Day definitely got better...I felt loved and happy! -B


  1. I fancy everything that you are saying here sister! And you know I fancy that Keurig...best Valentine's gift ever!

  2. that is awesome! What a perfect V-day gift! you can have a small cup every now & then... You have my permission! ;)

  3. Amen, sister, I've always thought pregnancy is overrated. At least with Clare. Being sick is no fun!!


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