This past weekend the 4 of us scooted down the street to our favorite conference...Half repeats, half newbies, all amazed, encouraged, refreshed, challenged, etc etc etc. It was once again life changing in all the best ways. Its so much more than a writing/blogging conference. Its much more how to love Jesus everyday, how to use your life, right where you, whatever job, call, platform, or ministry you have to serve. It was special to get to do this altogether this year. We listened and worshipped, made shoes for children in Uganda, prayed, ate and ate, laughed and laughed and heard God speak in so many different ways. 

The whole theme this year was hospitality. Not the hospitality that we think involves dinner parties and etiquette, or the perfect house and a casserole. But the hospitality that Jesus exemplified, He lived it out. He invited people everywhere He went. His life was inviting and welcoming, compassionate and loving. He drew people to himself. He was the perfect example of hospitality, open arms, ears, time, heart, all the time. 

"As bloggers we are often people of windows, but as believers we are called to be a people of open doors, of living invitation." - Logan Wolfram

We were reminded what it means to live like Jesus, to invite others into our homes and our lives, to make them feel better about themselves when they leave us, to point them to Jesus, to embrace them and love them, honor them and give them a safe place to be. We are people with open arms...

"Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines." - Henri Nouwen, Reaching Out

"Kingdom Work is not a competition. It's a co-op. And encouragement is the antidote to jealous." 
-Lisa Jo Baker

"We can't muscle or argue darkness out of our culture, but we can produce light." 
- Sarah Dubbeldam, Darling Magazine

"Hospitality...extending the welcome God has for us to the welcome of others into our imperfect lives." -Ruth Chou Simons, GraceLaced

"True hospitality is when people leave feeling better about themselves, not about you." 
-Shawna Niequist

"Love first, ask questions later." -Jeremy Courtney, Preemptive Love Coalition

The list of amazing quotes and truth goes on and on...It was truly incredible! So blessed to have the opportunity and can't wait to go back! 



i'm obsessed

it's safe to say that i am not a teeny-bopper, and rarely do i know the latest radio hits {i rely on marge & sam to keep me informed}. but after an incredible amount of windshield time and radio surfing, i am obsessed with meghan trainor's "all about the bass." honestly, it makes me want to aimlessly ride around in the car like a high schooler {shout out to amy} and car-dance like no body's watching!
it doesn't get much better than fallon, the roots, and meghan trainor.
all i have to say to her is get it girl!
happy friday friends, j.

ps. drew and i did some serious car dancing last night when it came on the radio on our way home from supper.