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Its been a busy year, crazy busy, but life with 3 kids or any kids at all is just busy. Its been an incredibly hard year in terms of the amped up craziness but its been an amazing year all at the same time. Its probably been my hardest parenting year as well as the hardest health year for our family too. We've all had some major medical expenses except for #2 who just likes to keep us on our toes in general. We've had some huge changes, big celebrations, heartaches, and tons of fun. 

You're probably wondering why Im talking about this year as if its over, clearly its not even close to being over, but this past week we couldn't help but pan over this year of our life as we celebrated our baby girl turning 1.  And celebrate she did, about 4 different times! I found myself a little more sad at this first birthday than I have in the past and I know its because she's our baby. How did a year with this angel baby go by so fast. I soaked it up and for that Im incredibly thankful but I still don't want her to be 1. It only gets more and more fun, but I still don't want her to be 1. 

She's been the biggest blessing to the 4 of us; her happy, sweet, spunky, fearless spirit, coupled with her toughness, contagious smile and amazing giggle have us all wrapped around her little chubby finger. She's truly an angel baby and we are all better for having her in our lives!

This just pretty much sums up our little E...

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