Lessons from Frozen...

Ok so it's been a while and mainly bc I'm badly missing my MacBook which I hope will return very soon with a new hard drive to boot. The iPad is cool but as a writer I'm in desperate need of my home row if you know what I mean. Lately around here it's been nonstop and honestly I'm tired. E did a great job of telling me, more like forewarning me about the craziness brought on by adding a 3rd child. She was right...little E is a total angel and the boys have done so well with her joining our family but I think having a 4, 2 and 8 month old is exhausting no matter how awesome your kids are. And mine are pretty awesome, wild but awesome. I've realized lately yet again, how much motherhood (especially when you're outnumbered) changes you. My new little friend Olaf, says it perfectly when he tells Anna "that some people are worth melting for." 

These little people I've been given are worth melting for...they are worth the fatigue, the stretching (patience and marks), the extra pounds that are hard to get off, the little baby grey hairs, the emotional roller coasters, the invasion of privacy, the sharing of everything, the lack of alone time, the sleepless nights, the really really hard days...THEY are worth the melting of MY selfishness. 

It's not a pretty thing and most of the time I'm having to ask for forgiveness bc I've fought to hard to hold onto me at the end of the day, but then there are those days, wait a minute who am I kidding, there are moments where God allows me to reap the joys of melting and I'm reminded that true love is the only thing that can thaw a frozen heart. 

Thank you Jesus! 



  1. b. - i have missed your writing! such great words about being a mom { please remind me of them when that day comes for me too}! and, i can not wait to see frozen!

  2. Excellent! Perfectly articulated! They are worth melting for! I love this! It is a beautiful thought! Thanks for this! E


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