Grace upon grace

"For from His fullness, we have all received grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ."
John 1:16-17

Why does crafting have to be so hard. I mean I'm just trying to spend some fun time with my kids and instead I end up refereeing their aggravating, throwing large objects at each other, temper tantrums, endless questioning, and complete disregard for everything I say. Not what I had in mind when thinking ab making Easter memories. But it is what it is and I know that expectations only suffocate happiness. 

My ability to create peaceful holiday memories doesn't define who I am, not even a little. I mean it's an everyday occurence where I beg God for patience and kind words but having 3 kids is hard y'all, I mean hard. The boys are being punished in separate rooms for above craziness while the littlest peacefully waits for mommy to come and get her so she can play. Said littlest angel took a awesome nap so mommy and brothers could do some crafting which actually turned into WW3. Don't get me wrong after we got over some hurdles the boys loved getting their dye on. They don't understand the set up and effort that goes into making these "awesome" memories, they just want the fun, but why does the fun have to turn into meltdowns, why is the waiting so hard and why does our selfishness seep through the good and threaten to destroy it...

Because we are in desperate need of Easter. Isn't it so like our gracious God to remind me of how desperately I need Easter the week of Easter. I keep thinking about all the Easter devotions I'd love to be reading, the time I'd love to be spending reflecting on scripture and in prayer and preparation for Sunday but instead today I realized that I am entrenched in the meaning of Easter everyday, every hour. It surrounds me, uplifts me, comforts me, delights me, and basically just takes me to my knees daily. He died for me, for us, to wipe away this crap of perfection and expectations, He took all the chaos and struggle and sin and then He came back so that we might live with Him forever.
He's alive in me everyday, Easter is everyday and Im thankful because we need Him everyday...Grace Upon Grace in this crazy house!



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  2. This is the good stuff my friend, you nailed it!


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