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Ok...so b and I attended the Allume conference a few weeks ago and it was more than I can even say amazing. I still am feeling its refreshment and challenge .... I am hopeful they will result in change. It really was a powerful time of just being poured into, reflecting, worship and adoration of our God, time with amazing women (b being my most favorite of those), meeting wonderful new friends and some of our most favorite bloggers, awareness of what's going on in the world in a brand new way, and the art of giving. More to come on all this...I'm compiling all my notes...and I'm not even a note taker. Altogether it was a precious time and b and I can't wait to share more of it all with you. 

But for now here is a blessing (by John O'Donahue) that David Walker of City Church read over us during a beautiful time of art and worship on the closing night! 

This Book of blessings would be a great christmas gift for one of those who has a bit of everything....like our dad! 

May the blessings released through your hands cause the windows to open darkened minds.
May the suffering your calling brings be but winter before the spring.
May the companionship of your doubt restore what your beliefs leave out.
May the secret hungers of your heart harvest from emptiness it’s sacred fruit.
May your solitude be a voyage into the wilderness and Wonder of God.
May your words have the prophetc edge to enable the heart to hear itself.
May the silence where your calling dwells foster your freedom in all you do and feel.
May you find words full of divine to find warmth to clothe the dying in the language of dawn.
May the slow light of Christ’s Communion be a sure shelter around your future.

May it cover you this weekend.... e, b and j

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