Is my firstborn girls first day of school. Kindergarten.

All these things are racing in my head right this very minute.
-her bravery is staggering to watch. She just takes on whatever comes. It amazes me.
-she loves newness. Friends, challenges, she takes them on fearlessly
-she confident and certain and excited about life.
-the world is big and she is little.
-her environment is not in my control anymore. That scares me.
-my God is big and I think today I have told myself that more than I ever have in one day.
-my God is love. I hope she carries this in her heart as she is now "in the world"

I haven't had this many emotions all at one time before.
helplessness ....I'm not there
excitement....she's awesome and gonna do great
fear.... did i teach her enough? will she remember God's truths?
sadness....I miss her
joy....her teachers awesome, her school is awsome, God is good
gratefulness....for the time ive had with her home, for her love of life and all things new
anticipation....change is hard, will we be ok and transition ok?
worry....will she make new friends, will people be kind?
love..... i love her so much. im so proud of her.
I feel like they are all running through me simultaneously.
This is a great day. This is a hard day. It will get easier, I know. But today is big.
All great things. We are blessed.
I miss my girl.
Praying for the mamas today.
- e.

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  1. so many emotions, all of them completely understandable. thanks for sharing, e. you explained so well what I know is such a HUGE day. hugs from boston! what a great mom you are!


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