This is water.

Ok guys. This takes a minute of stillness. It is virtually impossible for me these days to have it unless I'm comatose in my bed at the end of the day, ha. But I found it on this Sunday afternoon. One of my dearest buds (thanks ken)suggested that I listen to this speech after she read my post on "feeling like a fern". And then another dearest (thanks case) seconded that motion so I was on it....a few weeks later! But let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT. Its good. Mind changing, thought provoking good. I dare you to to be still and listen! E


  1. this Truth, with a capital T, is so good, and it definitely has the ability to change the mundane to thought-provoking. Thank you K & C for sharing with our E!

  2. Thanks for sharing Erin! I was actually thinking these same thought while in NY...all the people you see...they all have stories, lives, stresses, doing life! Life really is about true choices!

  3. Thanks for sharing Erin! I was thinking these same thoughts while we were in NY. All they people we saw all had stories, lives, emotions, stresses. Life really is a matter of choices, making true choices!


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