pretty in pink.

 as most of you know, b. is having a baby girl in july! hooray! we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of this sweet little one. a few weeks ago, e., t. {our mom}, and I threw a party to "sprinkle" b. with goodies and love for baby #3. we had the best time preparing for this celebration! if you ask me, the pictures don't do it justice {i took them fast bc we were down to the wire prepping}. 
{perhaps my favorite all time invite...e. knows how it's done!}
{check out that precious bird cage chandalier, cucumber slices with herb cheese schmear, and homemade strawberry shortcake cupcakes}
t{he spread! see the little flowers wrapped in white- those were the party favors,
if only i'd gotten a pic of them all lined up by the door..}
{the present situation...b. was showered instead of sprinkled...so great!}
{lu's first baby shower...she was pumped and helped b. open every single gift}
{bits and pieces of this quote were displayed throughout e's house}
 so many of b's great friends and family came to celebrate her. we had a blast! we love you b!

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