4 years...

What an incredible 4 years its been. Being a mom has completely changed me inside and out! It has been the hardest, greatest blessing and way better than I could have ever imagined, hard days and all. My big, little man has been sick with a stomach bug and just feeling miserable. It has been hard as usual to watch him suffer especially since it's his special day, and he's been so looking forward to it. We've even had a countdown going on. But that is how it goes with motherhood, you just never know, you can't control, you can't plan enough, you can't keep the sickness away, you can't make the hard days disappear. It just is what it is, and you have to let it be. I wish he felt like running around and playing with his presents, but instead we are ringing in year #4 snuggled up together, watching an inordinate amount of Octonauts and Henry Hugglemonster. And I must say, I'm pretty thankful to be getting some serious hang time with the cutest, smartest, most passionate, energy filled 4 year old I know! I'm a pretty blessed mom, and no matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby boy! 

Happy Happy Day My Deedle!
(I hope he always hugs me this tight)

Happy Day


  1. man oh man is he cute! happy happy birthday c-man! and happy birthday to you too b- after all, you're the one who brought him into this world!

  2. How I love those pics. Sweetest thing ever. We love you countsy.

  3. i have fallen in love with him through these pictures! precious :) hope he's feeling better!


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