The hubby and I don't get all crazy with Valentines, we actually just realized the other day we'd started a tradition about 6 years ago and didn't even know it. Our tradition involves take out and DVR, its perfect just for us, no presents, no fuss, just being together. We laugh and say we love each other all year long. This year it's been really fun to think of things to do for my little boys and even a couple surprises to do for my big boy too-shhh! Its so much more fun when he least expects it especially after he's hands down run the show for the last 5 months while I've been riding the pregnancy roller coaster. I'm feeling sentimental this week with all the hearts and love talk going around, so I've decided to share my top 12 favorite LOVE movies with you. These are movies that I can watch over and over again, they make me laugh and cry, and leave me smiling because I know that love. 

The Notebook 
Definitely, Maybe
The Wedding Planner 
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days 
Return to Me 
27 Dresses 
Life as We know It 
The Vow 
Something Borrowed 
While You Were Sleeping
The Holiday 

If you haven't seen these, please do yourself a favor and watch. If you have seen these and don't like them, then keep it to yourself, each to its own right...but think its pretty clear, I love a good Rom Com! Happy Viewing and Valentines, hope its full of love and laughter!


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