thoughts that have crossed my mind over the past few days...
am i full or our my tights too tight?
radio hosts on music stations drive me nuts!
it is so evident when people like their jobs. i love seeing that.
what would it feel like to start over- new clothes, new career, new home, new city, but same hubs?
i love chips and salsa....i could eat it every single day!
i despise the way the media covers tragedy. it makes me so mad. the tag lines, the hype.
i look like i'm doing a funky chicken dance when i'm on the eliptical.
why do they put mirrors in gyms anyways?
if i won the lottery, my first splurge {after giving to charity and properly investing} would be a trip to paris with d.
why is the saying "you're the cat's meow" every where these days? are 1920's sayings making a comeback?
how do you know when you're ready to start a family...even adding a pup to the mix?
will this year be the year that i finally enjoy wearing a bathing suit...probably not.
why is everyone talking about spring? it's feb 7 folks...
there you have it. -j

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