Growing up I hated roller coasters. I basically hated anything that moved, ha, but seriously, I didn't care for anything that took me off the ground, went super fast, backwards or upside down and I especially didn't like turbulence (still don't). I basically never rode rides unless it was the Tilt-a-Whirl (why I don't mind spinning and actually love it, is still a mystery to me as well), Flying Dumbo, The Teacups (another spinning), The Little Train at the Pavilion or The Swings, but let's be honest, even The Swings were/are a little shaky. 

It wasn't until I fell in love that I ventured out into the world of roller coasters. I am married to a man who loves the thrill, faster is better. He's a jaywalker, lover of flying, rule breaker, test the limits kinda guy and well I'm the opposite. I don't want to "just see how far we can go on empty." That's not how I roll. Safety is best and when it came to roller coasters, it was just safer and a lot less scary for me to opt out. But when you are dating someone and wanting to "be cool" you can't opt out...so I clinched my fists, closed my eyes and did it and you know what I loved it. Some of our greatest memories of dating are going to Carowinds just the 2 of us. I do have some rules on what type of roller coasters I will ride, ie. I don't ride the ones that have the serious drops or ones that look like they might fall apart (The Hurler). I pretty much just like the ones that go super fast so I can't even see what we are doing or where we are going. 

I think I decided to opt in because I trusted him, he made me feel safe, he held my hand and did it with me. I didn't feel alone. I felt scared but excited at the same time. 

 I'm not a great pregnant person, incredibly thankful but I definitely don't glow. You could say I'm textbook with all the classic sucky symptoms, crazy emotions and mood swings. Taking care of 2 little guys while riding the roller coaster of pregnancy is hard work, but each day I have to choose to opt in, to love, serve and give my all to my family even when I don't feel like being brave. And I'm so incredibly thankful and blessed to ride this life with my thrill seeker. He makes me better, He makes me opt in to things I am terrified to do, He holds my hand and I trust him. 


  1. You are such a great writer! I'm proud of you and thankful for how Wes loves you and challenges you!

  2. This is awesome!! Makes me love y'all even more!
    And J's right - you're a fantastic writer!


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