a few weekends ago i went up to durham for a girls weekend with two of my besties...marge & murda! the three of us hadn't been together, just us, in so long, and it was a much anticipated weekend away.  we ate well, slept so good, drank good wine, went to see the tigers play, shopped, and laughed alot! 
i am pretty sure this happens to most people, at least it should, because it's a positive thing, but as i get older {the word older used loosely} i realize more and more that i desperately need those female influences and friendships in my life.  i no longer feel the need to be "close" to everyone i know, but the people that have stuck by, have weathered the storms, who speak truth into my life, and who are invested in our relationship, are even more important than ever, and i bet that feeling will continue to grow as the years go by. there is nothing better than knowing that someone else "gets" you. my hubby "gets" me, and he knows my heart in a way that no one else does, and man am i thankful that he is my best friend.  but he is not a girl and can not fill the "girl" needs in me, like having sisters to talk about everything under the sun and who know exactly where i come from. and my heart needs those friendships outside of family- people you go through life with and are at similar stages and have shared experiences.  
today and everyday, i am very thankful for all my besties...y'all mean the world to me!

m-ar-ge {said like a pirate}, the wonderful hostess
little murda!
 my favorite store in durham- parker & otis and my little bird from there
  us at the game- it felt like a high school stadium, so fun!
 i ate an omelet for the first time-very yummy.


  1. oh I love this, made me tear up...such truth and yall are the prettiest girls of course! also, congrats on the omelet, divine huh? next up for you, eggs benedict! yummo!

  2. eggs and instagram...what a weekend!


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