I am one of those people that has a lot of dreams. Not the dreams of doing crazy stuff like skydiving or traveling to Asia bc lets face it, I have no desire to skydive or to go to Asia, but really more like dreams of who I want to be when I grow up. For some reason I still feel like I'm about to finish college and the possibilities are endless. I often forget that I have these 2 little people, a dog and a employed soulmate  to consider...as if they could just go along for the ride and this said ride doesn't cost any $. Oh and its not like I actually forget about them, as if I would just peace out and follow this dream, I hope you took that as implied. In thinking about dreams, I saw this quote by C.S. Lewis and I fell in love with it, I am not too old, my life isn't too complicated and if I stop dreaming then how will my boys follow suit and pursue their own dreams one day even if they are crazy, which will then require me to be faithful in prayer and release my need for control, but thankfully God's teaching me that already slowly but surely. 

Happy Dreaming 

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