little things.

in the midst of all the craziness, i have loved having a creative outlet to share things, vent, and feel inspired. sorry that you've heard from me more than normal. but it's been so freeing to carve out a little pieces of time- even if the nuggets i share are rather insignificant.  as i organized and packed everything we own, i snapped a few pictures of my
favorite little things...
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striped camera strap//current fave-essie's geranium//e&b gifted us this sweet london//polka-dot tape from my bestie megan//stationary//gold tipped flats//a custom tunic made by my bestie marge - let's call it "the jesse"//teeny-tiny journal//drew and i on one of our last dates in charleston.

sometimes the littlest things make you oh so happy! -j
p.s. i am surrounded by awesome gift givers and talented people {marge your sewing amazes me}.

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