we are enjoying the little things. J has been packing up one home in anticipation of moving into a brand new home which is in a whole new city along with supporting her hubby through his bar exam. E has been back at work, juggling kiddos and life as a working mom and hosting birthday parties. And B, well I've been immersed in my studies between the dailyness in order that I can enjoy an entire week at the beach with my boys without picking up a single textbook. Mission almost accomplished...

Needless to say, this summer's been busy but oh so great! We've celebrated little & big lives, anniversaries, graduations, jobs, great pool time, lake and beach time, kicked our butts at the gym, sick kiddos and sick J, packing boxes, writing research papers, and even a little NFL training camp! 
Sorry we've been MIA these last several days, watching the Olympics and enjoying the little things has just been time consuming! 

Here's a little pic for your viewing pleasure...such the ladies man! 
enjoy, B
(top photo via pinterest)

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