actually, to be more accurate it sucks while being totally exciting-- is that possible?
what really sucks is being sick while you are trying to get everything ready for your mortgage loan, pack up your entire life, including wrapping lots of breakables (who knew we owned so many breakables), cooking good meals/grocery shopping/doing laundry encouraging your husband as the bar exam is only a week away, and oh yeah working your actual job! i wish i could snap my fingers and everything would jump into boxes and teleport to our new home, ha, here's to dreaming.

here's evidence that i really am making a mess around here progress!
piles everywhere, just call me messy jesse!
 i hate spending money on boxes, but its necessary- they are taking over our home.
 with messes like these, there's  nothing like good girlie movies 
to get you through the endless packing- rental count 4.
packing necessities + cold medicine and tissues!

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