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oh sweet summer, you are supposed to be slower and more restful, but somehow you are not...maybe thats just because there are 2 little ones living here now and they just don't know the word slow. I've been MIA from the blogging world. So much has happened already this summer, so many wonderful trips and celebrations. So much family time to just be or play at the pool. Our littlest man turned 1 and started walking, meaning Mom is all over the place, on the move, and should be losing more weight than is actually coming off considering the amount of activity that has ensued. I started my final classes to complete my counseling license, whoo hoo and man I will just say, doing graduate level work with 2 kids is some seriously haaaard work! Its totally worth it and Im loving all the things Im learning, but there are times when not only are my eyes tired but my brain is tired. I need those times to just sit, watch the bachelorette and not think, I've definitely embraced those few and far between times this summer, with a cold beer in hand watching the kids play in the backyard. 
Aimless, Restful, Peaceful...now that is what summer is supposed to be! 
Here's some b-day pics for your viewing pleasure! Man, my little 1 year old is cute! 

(pics taken post Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease, birthday boy in recovery)

Happy Tuesday-B

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