My kids tried to kill me today!

...yes it is true. I told b that it was one of those days when you feel like they are out to get you...to do you in. It was their collective mission! Spankings were doled out to the two oldest as we sat down for breakfast. The middle ate a huge bite of soap right after breakfast which triggered his gag reflexes and you guessed it...he came to tell me he was going to throw up but the words never came out, just the throw up...all over me. We made it through lunch and naps semi ok then headed to the pool with b and her munchkins...I hadn't had enough adventure for the day. Well....then my sweet oldest tried to do the monkey bars on her own (which she can't do) and fell...I was hugging this sad crying child when I turned to look at her to ask if she was ok and got a face full of...throw up! Guess it knocked the wind and supper out of her! this cleanup was followed by a "mommy I poopied" from the middle one. He had a swim diaper on...it almost made me throw up! Ahhhhh! I am drinking a very stiff drink right now and going to bed! I made it! You kids may get me down...but I'm a fighter baby....I get up stronger! Don't try me tomorrow. I need a break! E


  1. Makes me that much stronger
    Makes me work a little bit harder
    It makes me that much wiser
    So thanks for making me a fighter
    Made me learn a little bit faster
    Made my skin a little bit thicker
    Makes me that much smarter
    So thanks for making me a fighter

    Oh, Oh, Oh, Whoa, Ohhh


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