Happy Day

To the sweetest, cutest, precious baby boy! Can't believe my little man is 1 today! I'm so excited about the things that turning 1 brings like walking, hearing what his little voice will sound like when he can start saying words instead of babbling, watching him assert his independence and play with his big brother. There's so many fun things ahead, I really do love all stages, but if Im honest, this year has flown by and I still feel like he's so little. Its like one day he was nuzzling up to me, all wrapped up in his swaddle and the next day I woke up and now I'm putting up gates and closing doors, bc this little guy likes to move, fast! Time sure does fly...

Reese, I'm so thankful and blessed to be your mommy! You are such a gift to our family. Your sweet spirit, happy disposition, obsession with your philips head screwdriver, complete hatred of having your diaper changed or sitting still, your tough skin and deep-joyful laugh, your fascination with Nellie and exploring, your love of mum mums & all things big brother are all things that make you our most favorite 1 year old in the whole world! 

We love you & our hearts have grown in ways we never could have imagined! 

Happy Happy Day Little Deedle! 

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