Dear Little J, 
From the moment you were born, we were obsessed. Your head full of dark hair, porcelain skin and petite size made you the most perfect baby doll for us to play with. We adored you then and adore you now. You are beautiful inside and out, you strive for excellence in all you do even down to your toes, you have the most sensitive and giving spirit, the greatest laugh, the most beautiful smile and sparkly blue eyes, you may be petite in size but your heart is huge and your will is strong, you are a fabulously fun aunt, an incredible nurturing wife, honest and true best friend, and the most amazing sister! 

Happy Happy Birthday! 

-E & B

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  1. what a beautiful post, are you sure you're talking about me? ha! y'all are the best! middle picture- i look gross, but i'll forgive you for putting it up! love y'all the most!


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