the week before last our whole family {except for sambo bc he's living it up out in co} gathered out at sullivans for some much needed beach time.  i would say that we went from some r&r, you know rest and relaxation, but with 5 kiddos under 3 1/2 years old, there isn't much of that... ha ha ha! mostly, we just had a lot of fun! here's the proof...
we celebrated birthdays- past, present, and those to come soon
 the girls before a celebratory lunch for e at the mustard seed, her favorite!
 joseph, e's hubby, had his birthday while we were together & reese had an early 1st birthday party too!
   these little boys loved being on the beach!

 and so did these big boys!
we painted nails!

we read lots of good books!
lots of afternoons spent playing in the sand...
 we went out for drinks and ate a yummy supper, just adults!

 t & bop provided lots of yummy treats for the kiddos every afternoon!
lucy, counts, and jesse love sweets!

the guys {actually everyone} really missed sam- cheers to you buddy!
and we played pirates!
all in all, it was the perfect long weekend...just wish it wasn't over! thanks t & bop for a great time together!

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