p is for...

"penis plant" that is!
hahhahaha...i just had to do it :)
also known as purple plum or tailflower.
this little plant just so happens to be my new favorite indoor plant; lots more fun than the typical greenery found inside!
 {shown outside after being potted. isn't she lovely? just the right amount of pink}
hope you're having a great wednesday! -j.


  1. hahaha! jesse reese horton! I'm litereally sitting on my sofa drinking coffee this morning and I about fell off! I love you friend!!

  2. j, do you watch new girl at all? this post instantly reminded me of the episode entitled "naked".
    so funny! worth a watch, I would say. :)
    here is a link to watch it. you have to close a few ads that pop up, but hulu is a bit lame sauce and locks episodes after a few weeks. http://watchfreefullepisodes.com/watch-new-girl-season-1-episode-4.html


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