sights of spring...

the weather has been oh so warm here lately, but not the sticky, i can't stand to be outside for more than a few minutes kind of warm....it's been the perfect kind of warm. basically, all i want to do is be outside. lately, i have been trying to find any excuse i can to go on a walk or sit on our back porch even when i have loads of stuff to do that requires me to be inside or in the car....like work. ha! i absolutely love early spring. to see the flowers blooming, smell the sweet smells- i feel a great sense of renewal in the spring {even though we didn't really have a winter this year}. there is something so exciting about a new season. and, i plan to take advantage of it every chance i get, because soon it will be hot as you know what here. for now, sights of spring are all around. my flowers are blooming and i can't wait to plant more soon. plants {even more than fresh cut flowers} make me oh so happy. what are your favorite spring flowers or plants? -j.


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