a mom list....

for a little while now i have been thinking of all the different crazy/silly/important/not so important things i've learned as a mom and i haven't written any of them down. they just kinda strike me, i try to make a mental note and then the day goes on....and on....ha! but i thought i'd try to start sharing them in hopes that they are affirming, helpful, encouraging or maybe will just make you laugh! so all seriousness aside, here they are, in absolutely no order at all!!! -e

-never change a child's sheets just because its sheet changing day...they will throw up on them or wet the bed that very day. causing you to...you got it, change them again. only change them when they are dirty!

-cowhide or anytype of animal skin rugs are amazing. everything/almost everything wipes off of them because God made them and He is amazing like that!

-slipcovered couches are almost as equally amazing as cowhide rugs.

-getting outside everyday is a must. it refreshes my soul. lately i have been planting and sometimes fertilizing at night, yes in the dark, its so beautiful and peaceful and no one is calling me!

-paper products RULE! why have we just now realized that, i have no clue!

-surprise jars with candy and small toys are a great treat and reward.

-always keep wipes with you, always!

-keep suckers in the car. they are a great way to keep little ones awake for the ride home if you have one that will fall asleep for 5 minutes and count that as his nap for the day,
a "non-transferer" if you will!

-dinnertime is an important time to have together...even if it is total chaos!

-bats and balls are not inside toys.

-every kid is so different...i have to remind myself of this especially when seeking advise or getting "un-seeked advise" from other parents. they don't have my child!

-step stools, although necessary and oh so cute are from the devil! i can't not tell you how many times my heels have been rammed or my toes crunched!

-have a garden...even if its just a hanging tomato plant, kids seem to love to eat what they grow!
or mine do at least!

-run errands with little ones...even though its hard on you i think they are better for it! they learn to wait, to window shop, to be contained in a cart, and how much things cost!

-ask opinions about how things look, while decorating or dressing, or making dinner! these are my most favorite comments to hear...and it makes them feel special!

-don't beat yourself up or "let satan attack" as b. would say. pray through the moments, pray over your days! this *&^% is hard!

-most importantly talk to them about Jesus! they "get it" more than we know!

more to come as i learn...

share your thoughts with me too...all are welcome here!

(picture via me...and yes, i did swiffer the room like that. sometimes you just have to get it done!)


  1. oh man, I love this so so much...maybe one of my most fav posts...thanks for sharing what you've learned and I guess just always being willing to share, I have learned so much from you bc you are willing to be honest!

  2. favs: getting outside, wipes always, bats and balls, every one is different and talk about Jesus...a couple to add

    1. stickers are life savers at all times, remember its the little things
    2. sing silly songs and do silly dances, it makes them laugh and laughter refreshes everyones soul, esp moms!
    3. teach them how to put their toys where they go, even if they move at their own glacial pace and a 5 min job turns into a 45 min job and possibly a tantrum, cars don't go on candle holders or in mommys plants

  3. lovelovelove.

    especially the growing things, planting things, outside ones.

    She's growing, I'm growing, we're all growing!

    1. play in creeks. or on the water's edge. it's free and it makes even my girly-girl the happiest, healthiest version of herself. and her mom, too.

    2. live like you hope your kids to live: for me, it's slowly, lovingly, people-y, outside-y, compassionately, gently, Spirit-ually. I have to remind myself, if I don't, she might not know how.

    there's my 2 pennies. keep writin' girls. LOVE connecting with you in this way.


  4. Those are awesome case. both are so true. esp love#2 though! And you!


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