sad day.

yes, friends, it is a sad day indeed. bernie, our beloved fish, died this weekend {we found out today when we got back from our trip abroad-no we did not leave him alone to fend for himself while we were away}. some tears were shed, but i guess it was his time. he was a very special member of our little family, our only pet. the hubby and i picked bernie out {at walmart} almost three years ago when d. moved away to begin law school. bernie was the perfect little companion for d.- always there and low maintenance. all of the kiddos in our family loved bernie too-always excited to see him when he traveled with us. he went with us skiing, to the lake & beach many times, and up to visit our families. he will certainly be missed. -j.


  1. We are so sad. Precious little bernie. Indeed we will miss you. The kids hearts are gonna be broken. He's in a better place now though!love you. Hug d. Good for us!


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