my hoke's nursery!

my mom had this little saying in our nurseries and i think of it all the time
"goodnite cobwebs, dust go to sleep, i'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!"

view from the nursery door...yes it's so teeny, so simple, but oh so cozy!

a great landing spot for those late nighters....and for "t" (my mom),
its her favorite place to sleep when she stays!

dresser doubles as changing table, alphabet stitched by my mom when i was on the way!

hoke's crib with burlap dust ruffle (handcrafted by my hubby's mom)...
my favorite accessory...little hoke!

hooks and ball bin! if you do have boys this is a great way to round up all the balls!
and that's it! i just realized today that he's 7 months old and i'd never posted his little room! and as i was doing this i realized how many special things made by special people are compiled in this sweet space!


  1. I love it, Erin! Hoke is a lucky little boy to have such a cozy spot to spend his time in growing up. Glad to have stumbled across your blog - maybe I can keep up with you a little better this way than waving across the ERBC parking lot! :)

  2. So fun....that was a great surprise seeing your name! Hope you and your munchkins are doing great1


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