Something my sister texted me today just reminded me of how we can all act in our sinful nature, daily, hourly, minute by minute. Some days we just don't act like the person God created us to be, instead we act like the side of us thats not too kind, gentle,or loving. We have a family friend who likes to say that people are just so "utterly" human. Welp, today this little man has decided to be nothing less than "utterly" human....
I mean seriously, I know you are looking at this pic and thinking "not this little guy, look at that smile, he's adorable, melt your heart cute and never unkind or bully-ish" Do not be deceived, with all this cuteness, comes an intense passion for well just about EVERYTHING...He loves fiercely, he laughs fiercely, he plays fiercely, he snuggles fiercely, but he also fusses fiercely, pushes fiercely, shares his every opinion fiercely and has days that make this mama discipline fiercely. We are not lacking on passionate children in our home, I've said this before, they get it honest and in God's great mercy, I am getting a first hand look at my relationship to My Father and some days it just ain't pretty... but nonetheless, I take heart because one day I will be "utterly" who God created me to be and that is my prayer for my little passionate one too!

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  1. B - Thank you for this post today. Very encouraging to me as I see so much of my sin (and my children's) today but am reminded of how great my Savior is. Fun to see you and E a few weeks ago at CFA with all your darling children. :)


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