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So sisters are the best. Clearly we think that around here but I mean who else makes you some crafty love for no reason at all except that they love you! Welp, E does and man, she's so good at it. She has this amazing talent of creating and its even more amazing when you get to be the benefactor of her ideas! She and her little Lu made these valentines crafts and lovingly shared some with me! Check em out and get crafty...

Idea #1...Heart Garland
(hearts cut out of paint color chips from Home Depot, strung on twine)

Idea #2...Heart Twigs
(hearts cut out of paint color chips from Home Depot, hot glued or hole punch onto twigs from your very own backyard and displayed in a mason jar or vase of your choice)

Close up of Idea #2

Idea #3...Heart Twigs Remix
(E gave me my very own heart twigs and although I love the look of the mason jar, I wasn't able to find the perfect place for it, so I decided to simply stick the twigs in my kitchen table centerpiece and wa-la!)

Something so simple can be done in so many different ways!
Thanks for sharing your crafty love, E! We are continually blessed by your gifts!


(craft ideas derived from pinterest)

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