a few favorites!

yes friends, it's finally friday...hooray! and honestly, i have been looking forward to this day all week. do you ever have those weeks where you're just like {if i can just get to friday, everything will be ok}? i normally don't wish time away, or at least i try not to. i like to take each day as it comes, and live in the moment, because that's what life's all about. but because of all the craziness that ensued in our little abode, i have been ready to wrap this week up since, well sunday night. ha!
here are some of my favorite pins as of late....

 loving these window boxes- come on spring.

 color palette & those scalloped drapes!

 these would make any table look beautiful- gold trim.

 grey walls, antler fixture, pillows on the floor.

 looks to me like a dash&albert rug, but really loving that map hanging on the wall.

everything about this porch/sunroom is perfect!

wish these little dots were hanging on my shoulder!

hope your weekend is filled with many of your favorite things! -j

{all images on my pinterest}

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