isn't this so true. we all find different things beautiful in our own unique way. and friends, today, i am looking for the beauty in this day the lord has given me. you see, our little abode {that we rent is historic old and things are falling apart left & right. let's just say that our kitchen & guest bedroom flooded last night for the 5th time due to another person in this old house doing laundry {as in the water comes rushing out of our washer hose in the kitchen & goes everywhere}...i guess that's the price you pay for living in a home that well "has character." it could be worse. but a midst the phone calls to various repair people, our landlord in and out, and trying to work at the same time, i am trying really hard to see the beauty and be grateful that it's not worse. ha. so today, this pretty image is what i am going to try to remember when i start to feel negative thoughts...

you will find me here, loving how simply beautiful these are in this happy polka-dotted pitcher {love the green and gold}.hoping our situation doesn't get worse & that tomorrow is better! -j

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