10 years ago today, I was...

Living in up in this sleepy little college town, enjoying my spring semester, having endless girl time on my sorority hall, going to fraternity functions with my favorite male, anxiously awaiting my 21st bday and thinking that I had it made, never wanting to leave and hoping my summer plans would soon be figured out for fear of my parents putting the smack down.
My how things have changed as I listen to my 2.5 year old yell "mommeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy" (yes, please insert southern drawl) in the monitor because he won't go the $%&* to sleep, still my favorite male is working late, I'm sipping wine and enjoying a delicious brownie, exhausted from the days tasks of raising 2 boys and keeping house but knowing in my heart that I have it made, never wanting these days with my little men to end and anxiously anticipating the summer with my family of four!

Wow, God is sooooooo good...ALL the time...AMEN!

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  1. Oh...those were the days! But, I guess these are "the days" we'll look back on too! I'm just pretty thrilled that I still get to live them with you! (Just wish we were still only a few steps away!)


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