new things = scary?

OK so I'm doing this new thing to improve my writing...one of my resolutions this year is to seriously work hard at a life long dream of writing as a profession. Writing what you might ask? You know just a book, possibly a column and hopefully regular articles...so with that being my dream, I've decided to take it more seriously this year. I'm off to a good start but I'll tell you what, trying to sit down and focus on my thoughts for any length of time is somewhat hard with a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old. You just have no idea what each day holds, so I've made a promise to myself that I would really try each day to devote a smidgen of time (no matter how small) to my writing...

Now that I've gone all vulnerable with my resolution, I'm excited to inform you that I'm adding this little exercise to my routine and you. dear readers get to be my audience in regards to this endeavor...

Each week Mama Kat sends an email giving you different prompts to write about, you choose and then share your link on her blog every Thursday for other readers to enjoy! Its a great tool to meet new writers, potential friends, bloggers, all while challenging your writing and finding new inspirations. So here we go... new things = scary? YES, but that good kind of scary, the exhilarating kind!

Our scene at breakfast can only be described as chaotic, there really isn't a breakfast table, more like breakfast chairs...most days it starts with fixing an 8 ounce bottle for little man #2 while I simultaneously fix my first cup of coffee, breakfast and sit down to do all 3, but not before I give my 2.5 year old little man his "c-milk" also known as chocolate milk. Some days big brother likes to have his c-milk first while he catches up on Curious George or "Hot dog" also known as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and then he proceeds to eat his actual breakfast once he's had his early morning show fix. He's typically not starving when he wakes so that gives me some time to sit in my chair and feed baby brother, drink my first cup of coffee and eat my breakfast or else I probably wouldn't have my breakfast until hours later! My hubby is continually amazed that I can drink my coffee, eat my breakfast and feed our 7 month old all at the same time, but every time I try and explain how to accomplish more than one task at a time, he spouts out his reasoning for my mad skills, "you're the mom, that's why." To which I take as an amazing compliment and silently but very proudly pat myself on the back. I just don't think dads and really just men in general can learn how to do more than 1 thing at a time, but that's neither here nor there...anyways, after round 1 of our morning routine is complete, baby brother gets down on the floor to play while I get big brother his breakfast, he sits in his chair in the kitchen doorway so that he can still watch his shows while I sit in my chair, drink my second cup of coffee, have my Jesus time and watch my littlest man explore his toys every morning as if he's never seen them before. After big brother finishes his breakfast, its time for baby brother's am nap...sometimes, I don't get my Jesus time or second cup of coffee till after the am nap has begun and sometimes I don't get either; but on perfect days where our breakfast time is peaceful and we each have our own little routine just the way we like it...I sit in my chair holding sacred the moments where I get to snuggle and feed my baby as he quickly grows to the point of wanting to hold his own bottle and not wanting to be snuggled. I watch my big baby delight in the world around him, his imagination going crazy, sipping his favorite c-milk and silently thanking God for these precious mornings and moments with my little men!

(Writing Prompt: Describe the Scene at Breakfast.)


  1. Breakfast time is equally chaotic with my 3 rascals. It's a real balancing job. Hope that you be able to become a professional writer. It doesn't get easier finding time to write when the kids get older ( mine at 16mths, 5 and 7) but I break it up to 5 mins spurs and it does help..

  2. Hey, this is great that you are doing this. I like the prompt and response. Impressed with your motivation.


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