decking the halls and a "j" christmas

today begins a little journey through each of our homes. 
we wanted to share with y'all, our lovely {wefancythat} friends, how we have decked our halls for christmas. decorations serve as a reminder and mental/spiritual preparation of the joyous reason for which we spend so much time trimming the tree, hanging wreaths, placing ornaments, stringing lights, and wrapping presents for the people we love. these things allow us to anticipate the celebration of god's love for us and his ultimate gift... the birth of his son. what an awesome reason to celebrate.
i guess we are going in reverse order, because i am beginning this little home tour series, 
with our teeny-tiny abode. -j

{our front door, both sides!}


{a few of my very favorite ornaments}

{our little card display right where we can see it...often bc we don't have a dishwasher, ha.
christmas cards are one of my most favorite things, ever}

{our christmas mantle one way}

{these beautiful tags are from two of my favorite girls: megan & lulie. check them out}

{our mantle a little bit differently. now this is hanging in our kitchen. inspiration here}

{it's our second married christmas!}

"from the fullness of his grace, we have all received one blessing after another." john 1:16.
May yours be merry & blessed! love, j

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  1. love your precious home! i thought that y'all were given peace signs in that last picture... typical guam tourist picture right there! (japanese people LOVE guam!)


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