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We love hugs at our house...not your half *@# kinda hug but a real, good, full frontal, bear squeeze. We don't side hug it either(unless you are awkward), we go in for the whole she-bang! Sometimes we purposefully hug awkward people with a full frontal just to throw them off a little, I mean its scientifically proven that a hug can make you happy. So why not totally surprise someone and give them a big ole hug that will lift their spirits and catch them off guard in the best kind of way!

Happy Hugging this weekend!--B

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  1. This post is so great!!! I am up for a full frontal hug anytime...just so you know. Now, my husband can not take it when I hug someone who is ackward about it or someone I don't know very well (yes, I do that sometimes.) Yay for all of the huggers of the World. Especially thankful for the Reese girls' hugs!


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