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So I thought I wasn't that much of a fearful person(insert laughter here if you are my family and you are aware of my fears of flying, various other modes of transportation like driving in the snow or rain, roller coasters when I was little, the wizard of oz, spending the night alone, CSI shows, you know all the normal things)... well turns out I was completely wrong. After struggling with PPD, I became very aware of fear and anxiety about big things and teeny tiny things. Part of that was the illness I was dealing with, the other part was just becoming a parent. However with that all wrapped into one, it was hard to decipher what was normal fear and what was crazy fear. Now that I've gotten that under wraps, I've wanted to investigate my fears a little more and uncover the root, so E, J and I decided to join the (in)courage women on a journey to understanding what we as women fear, what God says about fear and how we can change.

Check it out here...its a great read and its been really fun to sit with coffee and watch the videos, plus its way fun to be able to do a bible study together even with our crazy schedules!

So grab a cup of coffee, or your drink of choice and join us on Thursdays as we share our thoughts on fear!

-E, B, J

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