adventures {part one}

the mr and i had the opportunity to go on an amazing trip courtesy of one of the companies that i work with- they are beyond generous. we decided to hit up boston on our way to our final destination. it was my first trip to boston, and the mr hadn't been since he was in middle school. boston is a big city that feels like a town, the people are super friendly, it's easy to get around {on foot}, and it is beautiful.
not to mention that it played a pivotal role in american history- if i haven't brought it up before, the mr and i are huge history lovers {some refer to it as nerds, but we prefer lovers}. we had a great short stay, and we packed everything in. -j

 delicious food!

blooms in boston common

honoring the boston massacre

south carolina signers of the declaration of independence

ben franklin's tribute to his parents

 view from the north end

paul revere's home

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