on courage...

I saw this quote and immediately thought of motherhood...it takes A LOT of courage to be a mom, there's not a lot of praise, there's not a lot of recognition, there's no $ involved and its definitely not glamorous...I even had a mom today tell me that she thought she was a great mom before she had her 2nd much more opinionated child, now she's not so sure! I see courage in the day in and day out of motherhood, I see mom's who have a hard time getting through the mundane days, the days where your child just won't listen to you, the nights where your 3 year old just won't go to sleep or stay in their bed, the days where the fussyness won't stop and the needs are endless, where you try and try to instill some sort of manners or discipline in your child whose just not listening, the days where you try to play a new game outside but your little one is much more interested in watching Backyardigans...motherhood requires courage, the courage to try again tomorrow!

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