week & weekend recap.

i think it's pretty safe to say that last week was crazy busy, and man did it fly by fast. i went up tuesday to help e. with her two little kiddos while she prepared to bring baby #3, hoke, into the world. the mr. and i got to spend precious time taking care of lucy and jesse. and we got to play with my parents and with b. and her two little ones counts and reese. it was a special week for sure as we celebrated yet another addition to our family {we missed you sambo}. with two babies being born in the last two months, we have gotten to celebrate our love for one another and how blessed we are. we are now a family of fourteen!

 at the new children's museum- so fun!

t. loving on little reese

  b & j loving on little hoke

 absolutely precious- hoke

 jess & lucy goofing around

 jess loved the bouncy stuff at monkey joes/ bop helping counts!

 lots of fun at monkey joes...

  lucy and counts loved the slide!

 lucy loves being a big sister

 yummy cupcakes at the museum

reese sleeping while big kids play

 e's newest bundle of joy.

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  1. A family of fourteen...can't believe that! so awesome. congratulations, erin! beth, i love all of counts' stickers...so funny how much he loves those.


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