getting ready.

these two precious kiddos are getting ready for their new little brother to arrive...any day now. E is definitely ready/excited for the little man to make his appearance.
growing up, our big family was dominated by girls, 4 to 2. now it's totally dominated by boys, 8 {soon to be 9} to 5. CRAZINESS, but very fun! we are thrilled for this new addition!  keep E and her Mr. in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days and weeks as they adjust to three munchkins under 3. 
yes that's right, 3 under 3 
{Lu turned three last week & that mark on her arm is a "cars" tattoo;
 they were all the rage for the 4th of July}.
if you keep up with our blog, you've realized that it's been a baby boy kind of summer.
and don't you worry, when this new little guy arrives, y'all will get all the details, promise! 
here's to all the excitement and anticipation that a new life brings - j

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  1. i can't wait for some more baby f's!!! triple the blessing:) loved your last line -- perfect and so very true! gbw


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