first of all, thank you e&b for loving me, supporting me, and celebrating me!  thank y'all too for well wishes!  as you can tell from the most recent posts, it has been really busy for our big family lately...lots of things to be grateful for and celebrate. we are very blessed!
it's hard to believe that d and i have been married a year. it seems like yesterday that we were doing all the last minute preparations for our dream, big day.  it was the most perfect day of our lives. we've had a pretty incredible year too- learning what it means to be husband and wife, learning how to live together in our teeny-tiny home, learning to juggle friendships and marriage, and growing in our love for each other and our love for jesus. being married is the most amazing thing.  last week, we unknowingly began this thing...y'all know how it goes..."this time last year we were...fill in the blank" and it has been so fun to reminisce about our wedding. i wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite snapshots...


honeymoon highlights tomorrow! - J 

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