A New Obsession...

So with all this down time on my hands or maybe I should say tv time while nursing a newborn and needing something to keep my 2 year old occupied, we have discovered one of the greatest animated movies I might have ever seen...CARS! We have friends who told us about this movie multiple times but we never bit the bullet and actually watched it. Honestly, I thought, what could be so great about this movie...but finally, we recorded it and it has become our new obsession. I would just say that its my 2 year old's obsession, but considering that I've successfully watched it as many times as he has, I would be lying if I didn't say I was slightly obsessed with it too! I've always been a sucker for animated movies.

He wants to watch it when he wakes up and then about 3 or 4 other times every day... we rewind, restart, pause, start over, etc, etc. I've tried to get him to watch his other favorite shows, but he repeatedly says "Cars" and even if we start another show, about 2 minutes in, he asks for "Cars" again...he loves the characters, the music and knows his favorite parts, dances, says movie quotes, its a serious obsession. At any other time in his little life I might be concerned with the amount of times we are watching this movie, but considering the circumstances, I don't have much of a choice and its a pretty great thing to be obsessed with...

I mean seriously, who doesn't love a little animated romance, comedy for kids and adults, the voice of Owen Wilson, Jeremy Piven,Larry the Cable Guy, & Bonnie Hunt, hilarious satire on the world of Nascar and wonderful lessons on selflessness, the importance of friends and the truth that winning isn't everything! We can't wait to see Cars 2...we will be behind on this one too, since our 2 year old would go crazy in a movie theatre and no one should have to succumb to that...we will be waiting for it to come out on DVD!

Happy Watching -B

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