living room loves!

well, im trying to finish my living room/den/family room and needed a little inspiration! all of these are very different but i found something i loved in each one!
love the striped floors, the fun light fixure, the simplicity and the coziness of this room!

love the white couch and red chairs and how eclectic this room is with the high gloss black fire place, the cool whites, blues, grays...the rustic acccessories and black and white photography. there's no rhyme or reason but it works!

this room is fabulous....so not me but i can't help but admire how striking it is! i love the mixture of bold color everywhere!

love, love, love this room...all the whites, the awesome lamp, the stacked books and though i don't love that painting i love the scale of it!

out of moo-la...yes!
ain't that life! -e

{all photos via housebeautiful.com}

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