a little blue.

so here's a little update. one of my besties, marge, moved this week. your probably thinking people move all the time, and yes you are right.  but marge and i have lived in close proximity for the past six {yes six} years, and when i say close proximity i mean across campus, the next building over, shared a room, just across town, and more recently two doors down from each other {in five different cities-crazy}. marge has helped fill a sisterly void, because i haven't lived in the same place as e&b in a long time. so naturally i am sad, and it will take some time to adjust- no more calling each other to borrow shoes/jewelry/dresses/bags/etc for a date night or event. its always hard when friends move away; its like a little piece of you is moving too. but our friendship will survive because she is near and dear to my heart. marge, if you are reading this, know that you are loved & missed. - J

 blue inspiration in lieu of feeling blue:

source unknown

driftwood interiors

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

delight by design

ruthie sommers house beautiful 

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  1. I love the blue inspiration! Miss and love you, too!!


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