Pillow Talk

When you've been married awhile sometimes the pillow talk changes a bit...I know, I know, in your mind you are thinking about sexual innuendo, romantic comments, sweet nothings in your lovers ear that lead to a little messing around, but some days when you finally plop yourself in bed, I use the word plop bc at 9 months pregnant, thats what I feel like I do now. Heave myself in bed and my hubby and I just look at each other in utter exhaustion and laugh. Him from recent long hours at work and me from keeping up with a rambunctious 2 year old in my ready to deliver state. Last night our pillow talk went a little like this:

Hubby: "Can you put Nellie up?" (our 60lb Weim that we allow to snuggle in our bed each night before we go to sleep)

Me: "How do I keep getting stuck putting her up" (As I try to pull her legs out from under the covers, this dog never wants to leave the bed)

Hubby: "Because you have to get up to use the bathroom again anyway"

Me: "Fine, but you better not pass out in the next 2 seconds, bc she's gotten to where she won't budge at all, and I can't lift her out of the bed in my current state, She's so obstinate."

Hubby: "Well that makes 4 of us...(referring to our dog, me, himself, & our son)

Me: "Ha, so true"

Hubby: "Maybe this baby boy will be less obstinate, you know-calmer, easy going, not too opinionated or stubborn..."

Me: (Huge Laugh) "yeah right, its in our genetic make up...he will be born obstinate!"

- adhering fixedly to a particular opinion, attitude, course of action, etc
- self-willed or headstrong
- difficult to subdue or alleviate, persistent

At least we know our own faults right? -B

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  1. hilarious! i can picture the scene right now! like you said, at least you are being honest with yourselves!


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