odds & ins & built-ins.

hello!  hope y'all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. mine was perfect- time with family, time celebrating with friends, alone time, and time to get things accomplished.  the only thing that could have made it even more perfect was if D {my husband} was home.  he was away on a boy's weekend in vegas. 
so lately, almost unknowingly, i have been collecting pictures of built-in bookshelves. needless to say, our little rental does not have built-ins, but if and when we purchase a home of our own, i would love nothing more than to have beautiful built-ins shelves.  D and i love books, and presently we have boxes of book under the beds, in closets, tucked into drawers, and displayed.  D is a law student and his books are huge and take up lots of space. oh for the day when all those books can be displayed alongside other odds & ins that we love and cherish. here are some built-ins that i really, really fancy.

aren't these beautiful and perfectly arranged, but at the same time effortless and fun?! oh, and the idea of color blocked shelves {rainbow bookshelves} in a predominately white room = amazing!
what do you fancy these days? 
here's to mondays and dreaming of things that you want for your home. - J

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  1. love it when books are arranged by color- such a pretty display!


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