Let's get lost.

"let's shed some clothes, some carefulness, some winter camouflage. let's lose our bearings and set out for what we can't see over the horizon. let's misplace our Monday-morning lives and lose track of time. let's plan a dozen vacations {whether we take them or not} and daydream about a ticket on the next jet to 
let's disappear from facebook, twitter and texting--delicious life will take their places. and will we really miss them or be missed? let's escape our calorie-counting, money-grubbing, status-seeking selves and find out who we used to be. let's drop out and look for shangri-la-- it's a tourist-free mind trip. let's forget about yesterday and tomorrow for just today. let's get lost together."
{nikki hardin, skirt may 2011}

it seems as though summer has arrived, and our little city is bustling with visitors and tourists alike- here to take in the history, the beauty, and to enjoy the 90 degree weather {boy is it hot}. to all the adventures, vacations, and dreams that are swimming around in your head and mine today. - J

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