Happy Mothers Day Part 1...

Wow, motherhood changes you, every part of you, every ounce of your being in the best possible way. It makes you see things from a whole new perspective and in God's grace, He allows you to realize all the things your mom did for you from infancy to adulthood. He allows this gradual realization to take place as soon as your little one enters the world. Sometimes it doesn't come until the first several crazy, no sleep weeks are over and you begin to see through the fog that your mom woke up every 2 hours with you or when you see your child hurt for the first time and realize that your own mother loves you with the same intensity and then at times it doesn't occur until you so desperately want to provide something for your child and suddenly the thankfulness overwhelms you because you begin to see all the sacrifices your parents made to give you the best. Motherhood is a crazy paradigm...its the greatest, hardest, most rewarding, most painful, and excruciatingly amazing role a woman can ever play. What a gift to be able to hear your name called 5000 times in a row, or yelled from the top of the stairs, cried out in the middle of the night, or shouted with sheer joy!

Mom, we are thankful for all the ways you've loved us, never once have we questioned that we were your greatest accomplishment, never once have we questioned your love for us and never once have questioned that we bring you sheer joy! We love you!

Happy Mothers Day to our Wonderful Mom & to E & B!

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